Increased Exposure & Additional Revenue Streams.

Rights holders’ path to the future

Take control and profit on your event outside the arena

Includes everything you need

RidersLiveTV is a full-service tool that offers rights holders production, global licensing and digital platform services. We can also offer exposure within a direct-to-consumer channel locally for Sweden.

You control your content and exposure

Create and control your own live streaming. This makes it possible for all organizers to deliver their own live streaming and make a profit on every aspect of their event, while adding extra exposure for partners. RidersLiveTV will also help you maximize your exposure globally.

Willingness to pay & increased commitment

We see a behavioral change in viewers today, and - above all - a willingness to pay for sports consumption. This opens up for organizers to increase exposure and find additional revenue streams from all activities during their show, not the least to make a profit on events and competitions outside the main classes.

Marketing package & highlights

It also includes a ready-to-use marketing package for the live streaming of events. This will generate highlights to be published on various platforms and social media channels while also part of future marketing campaigns and for the use of partners.